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Preparing Your Film for the Global Marketplace



You’re prepping a film. You’re shooting a film. You’ve finished a film.  Have you done everything needed to ensure its eventual success? Do you have the right team to launch your film to the world? Do you have all of the deliverables and documentation that distributors require?  Do you have the right images, publicity and key art? Do you know which festivals or markets are most appropriate for your film?


In short, do you have a plan?


Preparing Your Film for the Global Marketplace takes you through the steps – from pre-production to production to post-production to distribution and exhibition – that you need to consider as you move through the filmmaking process. This practical seminar includes insider tips about legal and insurance requirements, rights and clearances, PR planning, technical standards, creating a marketing plan and navigating the world’s film markets and festivals.



At Preparing Your Film for the Global Marketplace, learn what you need to know – before you even shoot a frame – about designing a festival and acquisition strategy. What is the difference between film festivals and film markets? Which fests make sense for your film? How do you get it in?  How are film festivals ranked? What can you expect from your festival or market experience? What role do producers’ reps, attorneys and sales agents play? What do distributors, broadcasters and exhibitors expect? Who can help you with this process? These questions and more will be addressed at this essential seminar, led by Mitch Levine, president of The Film Festival Group.


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Preparing Your Film for the Global Marketplace



"Thanks Mitch for a wonderfully informative and inspiring lecture at the 2008 NM Filmmakers Conference.  Our audience walked away with a treasure of new information, and a sense that the crazy world of film festivals just might be navigable after all."  - Jodi Delaney, Program Director, New Mexico Film Office

"The issue of distribution becomes a major concern of the new filmmaker... to that end the panel on "Multiplying Eyes" was well attended. Mitch Levine's input as a filmmaker, Festival director, and consultant was invaluable to the young artist as well as the more mature among us." - Debra Miller, Ann Arbor Film Festival

"Mitch Levine spoke about getting your film into the global marketplace. He was terrific, infusing the audience with a sense that anything was possible - if you research your market. He offered common-sense advice, like: get a photographer to shoot stills from your movie for publicity purposes; hire a lawyer to help with the contracts; if you have a short film, don't put the entire thing on YouTube or nobody else will want to show it; and get permission if you want to shoot in front of Burger King!" - Robert Nott, The Santa Fe New Mexican

"Preparing Your Film for the Global Marketplace was well received by Screen Actors Guild members interested in producing or directing at our LifeRaft presentation. Mitch Levine broke down the process of preparing a film for market in a logical and extremely insightful manner.  The Foundation is extremely thankful for his knowledge and the way he was able to clearly communicate this valuable information.  96% of the 200 SAG members who attended indicated that their overall experience was 'good' and 'excellent' and 98% indicated that the information presented was extremely 'useful and relevant.'"  - Simon Anthony Abou-Fadel, Director of the Screen Actors Guild's LifeRaft



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